How do I get in touch with Betent?

For any problems you can contact us through the following means:

Email: support@betentmail.com

Customer Support Phone: 00356 20 931000

Affiliates Phone: 00356 20 931500

Fax: 00356 20 931900


How can I open an account Betent game?

Http://www.betent.com accessing the site , select the"Register"and fill out the"Account"tab. Finally click on the button"Agree. Create my account". Later receive the email registered on your account a game link"Registration Confirmation"that you must click to complete the registration of your account Betent game.

How to choose your username?

The username allows us to uniquely identify and secure. Choose a user name that you like and easy to remember. By clicking on the"Check availability"will display if the username is available or not chosen.

How to choose your password?

The password chosen should necessarily be composed of at least 8 alphanumeric characters (including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number). We recommend the use of a mix of characters and digits. In addition, it is preferable to choose a password in any way attributable to his own person , or an acquaintance might easily discover it. Classic examples are the date of birth, your partner's name , phone number , favorite color , etc...

How to access to their profile game?

Once registration is complete , enter your username and password in the"Login"button at the top of the homepage and click on"Login". Sign in to uniquely identify it. Memories of jealously guarding your access data and not to disclose them to third parties for any reason. Betent not be liable for unauthorized access by using your user codes.

How to disconnect your profile game?

To log out, simply click on the"logout"button at the top on the homepage. it is important to always log off when you finish using our services to prevent unauthorized use of the account. After this, no one else will have access to your account until your next login. The disconnection is automatic after 20 minutes of inactivity on the site.

What if I entered some information wrong user account on the game?

For safety reasons, can not change independently the registered user data. Therefore, it is necessary to send, via email to documents@betentmail.com or fax to the number: 00356 20 931900:

- Front and back copy of an identity document in color (identity card or passport , you can not send a driver's license);

- Username;

- Full name;

- Object required:"Edit User Data".

Username and password do not work?

We make sure you have entered the data correctly. For further assistance contact Customer Service.

What to do if I forgot the login details?

Can independently apply for sending a temporary password to access the website http://www.betent.com and selecting"Recover Password"button at Home Page next to the fields that are required for logon credentials to perform the login. Receive , to the email address registered to your account game , a new password. We invite you after you first log on to replace the password you received via email with a password that you have chosen.

How to change my password?

If you want to change your current password, you can do so independently performing the following procedure:

- Log in to your account;

- Click on"Private Area">"My Account">"Change Password";

- Enter in the"Enter your old password"password that you want to edit and under"Choose a Password"and"Retype Password"password that you have chosen;

- Finally, confirm the operation by clicking the"Change Password". Keep in mind that your new password Betent shall consist of a minimum of 8 characters (uppercase letters , lowercase letters and numbers).

What is the minimum age to play with Betent?

Access to the service and the opening of a deposit account is only allowed to persons who have reached the age of 18 (21 in the case of players Estonia).

You can open more than one account?

No, every customer can open only one account in his own name game.

How can I request to close the account game?

To close the game account Betent must contact Customer Service Betent. Your account will be closed only after the confirmation of certain personal data via internal message. Upon receipt of this information , your account will be disabled. Following will be able to request the opening of your current account , simply by sending a copy of the front/back of your valid identification document (identity card or passport), indicating the data requested above with the subject of request"reopening gaming account."

Can I close my account & Casino Games or Poker account , but continue to use the account Sport?

You can perform these operations individually by visiting the"My Account">"Responsible Gaming". It will display the following options associated with each section of the site:

- Hold the bill up to;

- Maximum playable for a day;

- Maximum playable per week.

By clicking on the"Insert"button corresponding to each of these entries , you can set:

- The date up to which want to suspend the account section;

- The maximum daily playable in the selected section;

- The maximum weekly playable in the chosen section.

After entering this information , click on"Save"to confirm the operation. If you later want to re-enable the initial options will have to select"Disable". We inform you that the operation can not be performed prior to 7 days. To confirm the operation will have to click on"Remove"will display the date in which you will complete the removal process.


What currency can I use?

All accounts Betent are set in Euros.

How can I pay?

By accessing the"Cashier">"Deposit">"Next". Will display the available modes.

What are the costs when I make a deposit?

All deposits are free. Betent not charge commission on the transactions of deposit and withdrawal.

Can I deposit any amount of money to my account?

There is no limit.

What is Ukash?

Ukash is a payment method and deposit online safe and convenient: just buy a Ukash voucher and use the 19-digit code to deposit online on our website. Ukash is not necessary to have a credit card , then you should not provide any banking or financial details. And to make new deposits just buy other Ukash voucher. Visit the site http://www.ukash.com to find out where you can buy Ukash vouchers.

How to on my Moneybookers account?

Moneybookers is a fast and secure method of payment over the Internet. To deposit funds , must already be in possession of a Moneybookers account. For more information or to open an account , please visit http://www.moneybookers.com. Once you open a Moneybookers account, click on the"Moneybookers"between the terms of payment. To make a payment , please indicate the email address used Moneybookers and the amount to be credited to your account Betent.

How do I withdraw?

By accessing the"Cashier">"Withdrawal">"Next". Will display the available modes. The same mode as when you deposit will be employed at the time of sampling.

How do I view transactions made on my game account?

Can ' view transactions executed on the gaming account by visiting the"Private Area">"My Account">"List of Changes".

Can I cancel a withdrawal request?

If the withdrawal request is not being processed yet , you can request the transfer of credit drawn on his gaming account by contacting Customer Service Betent.

The levy was transferred to the account game?

If the amount you have requested has been credited back to your account Betent game , it is established that he had sent the necessary documents to process the withdrawal.

I have to send documentation to receive a withdrawal?

In some cases, before you make a payment, ask for copies of certain documents. We are aware that this procedure can lengthen the waiting time but we consider it essential to ensure our customers a high level of security.

What documentation must send to enable the credit card so that you can perform withdrawal from my betting account?

In order to enable your gaming account to perform storage operations (greater than 250 Euro) and withdrawals via credit card, should be sent by email to documents@betentmail.com or fax +39 +356 20 931900:

a. The front and back of the identity card or passport (not consentito send a driver's license);

b. Double-sided color copy of the credit card , necessarily signed , by which it will be deleted CVV (last three digit number shown on the signature panel on the back of the card) and the card number , leaving visible only the first 6 and the last 4 digits;

c. A recent proof of residence issued by a maximum of three months , showing the name and residence address of the account holder game. For example: a copy of a utility bill at home (water, gas or telephone) or statement of bank account , credit card , etc...;

d. Username;

and. Full name;

f. Object required"to enable deposits and withdrawals."

credit card have to be registered to the account holder game. If the credit card proves headed to a different person, the account must necessarily be bloccato.Visualizzo an error message when I try to deposit. What to do?

We encourage you to contact your bank with equity in order to know exactly all the existing restrictions on your card. For example, some banks do not allow payments to bookmakers. In this case, note that you can use prepaid cards such as Postepay or we invite you to try the electronic wallet MoneyBookers.

I have not received the money I collected. Why?

It may take 3 to 7 working days depending on the means of payment used. If the period of time specified has already expired and has already sent a photocopy of your document and the documents necessary to enable the credit card, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department.


What is the minimum amount for a bet?

The minimum amount is euro 0.50 per bet , while in case of system the minimum bet is 0.01 euros per column.

What is the maximum win?

The profit limit per voucher/coupon is euro 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Euros) for any amount placed and for any type of bet , whether it is a single bet , a bet or multiple systems in multiple columns. In the latter case , for example, if the sum of the winnings for each winning column exceeds the limit of euro 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Euros) , Betent user will pay only euro 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Euros). If you find that a user has opened several accounts and has placed the same bet on them contrary to the Terms and Conditions, the winning limit applies to the total of the winnings gained from these bets.

Can I cancel my bets?

Once confirmed, the bet can not be changed or canceled by the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to verify, before sending the proposal to bet that the number of bets placed and the amount wagered is consistent with his will.

What does Outright?

Outright is a bet regarding the outcome of a particular sporting event and , more often than not , the closing of the game takes place at the beginning of the event itself.

Why has my bet was declared Void (VV)?

This could occur in cases where an event has been postponed or started but not completed within the period specified by our rules. In addition, in the event of an error in the publication of the shares , or in the case where the bet is placed after the start of the ' event , Betent reserves the right to cancel the bet.

Where can I see the bets placed by me?

Can display independently bets placed by visiting the"Private Area">"Betting">"My bets". Following display 5 options:

- Search Betting;

- List Bets;

- Detail betting;

- Combinations;

- Detail Combinations.

bet placed is a loser. Why?

Betting on sports has some special rules. We recommend that you consult our policies to know the details. For further information we invite you to contact our Customer Service.

Where can I find the complete regulations Betent?

Our regulation ensures the regularity and transparency regarding the acceptance of bets, their cancellation and accreditation. We recommend that you consult our specific rules for each sport to know the details. You can look at the complete regulations clicking >> here <<. For more information do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.


A virtual bet has not been paid?

In case you wish to check on a virtual bet not paid , you will need to provide the following information via email or by post to support@betentmail.com intenno , so that the competent department may have to run the control:

- Username;

- Date and time of the bet;

- Name of the game (eg"Champions League");

- Amount bet;

- A brief description of the issue in question. Following your request will be forwarded to the relevant department.

A poker hand has not been paid?

Can view the history of the game that you play on our software"Betent Poker ,"by visiting the"Options"in the upper left corner and then clicking on the"hand history". Should you wish to review the hand you have played just select the option"view replay"to view the entire course of the hand. In case you wish to check out a few hands , we invite you to provide us with the following information via email to support@betentmail.com or through internal message, so that the competent department may have to run the control:

- Username;

- Date;

- Now;

- Code of the tournament/table;

- Cost of buy-in;

- A brief description of the issue in question , so you can forward your request to the appropriate department.

You will be informed of the outcome of the due control by email.

A played at the Casino section has not been paid?

In case you wish to check about some games , we invite you to provide us with the following information via email to support@betentmail.com or through internal message, so that the competent department may have to run the control:

- Username;

- Date and time;

- Name of the game platform (Live Casino , Play Casino or Casino);

- The name of the game;

- Amount bet;

- A brief description of the issue in question.

You will be informed of the outcome of checks via email.